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Some of my favorite photography for sale.  Matted and framed with glass as seen here and delivered to your door at no extra cost.  Some available only in certain sizes.  Available sizes for each is underneath the image.

Small 9"x9"   $130

Medium 14"x14"   $175

Large  21"x21"   $250

Discarded Petals   S   M   L

Two Roses   S   M   L

FILTH  (Small only)

Last Cigerette  (small only)

Judith  (Small only)

San Fran  (Small only)

Dive (small only)

Pay Phone (small only)

Triplets  S   M   L

"I need. A dress.  For dinner.  Tonight."   (Small only)

Bar Charge   S  M  L

Marie's   S   M   L

2 Donkeys   S   M   L

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