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KARIE ROSS, One of the very first female ESPN Anchors


I just love it when my husband gives me the gift of Zack!! I know that sounds a little weird but you see, Zack has been my stylist for several years now. We have the best time !! He usually visits my closet first and pulls together hip and classic outfits from my existing clothes. I love how Zack brings an entire outfit together from head to toe including the jewelry, shoes and jackets! We also spend time shopping for either new pieces or staples that are needed to complete other outfits. 
Zack just has a great sense of style, plus he knows what looks good on my body type. I always feel comfortable telling him exactly how I feel about the outfits that are coming together. I still wear styles Zack put together a few years ago because I get complements every time I wear them !! This tells you that the styling is timeless as well.
The best part is how much fun you will have. I can’t tell you how much we laugh during the “putting Karie together” process. It’s a must have experience!! 
Husbands and boyfriends, if you need a perfect Holiday or birthday gift for your gal who has everything, then he’s your guy!! 
Give the gift of Zack !! 

CINDY MILLER, First lady of the New York State Bar Association and Former Radio City Rockette

Zack Dobbins has been my stylist for many years. He is the only person I trust to style me! Zack meets with you, you talk, laugh and he gets to know who you are and how you think about clothing, shoes, jewelry, life etc. This is the most important aspect about how Zack works to guide him through the process of outfitting your specific needs. Either you shop through your own closet or you go shopping or both. Every experience I have had with Zack has been a joy and I am always perfectly attired for whatever occasion! He knows my body shape and dresses it to perfection from head to toe! If Zack is not available to meet with me to discuss an upcoming event for which I need to be styled, we have done text messages with photos to help me choose. It’s very helpful and hilarious and fun, always! Oh, did I mention how great he is with hairstyle also? I had a short “old lady” haircut. He suggested I grow my hair longer. I did. I look ten years younger! 


If you ever have the chance to hire Zack Dobbins as your stylist, you will never regret it. He is a delight to work with and extremely talented! I adore this man!

MALA ELHASSAN, Celebrity Hair and Make Up artist


The level of creativity that  Zack Dobbins has is infinite!!  His design work is original, unique and flawless.   Watching Zack work is quite an experience, he transforms the most simple ideas, to the most grand and brings them to life in a way that elevates any project.   He's a critical thinker and deadline focused  which is why I love working with him.  On a personal note,  Zack is hilarious, easy going and an incredible  friend.  More importantly, his integrity is beyond reproach!!!

SARA KRIVISKY, Programming director and board member of Jewish Federation

I met Zack July 11,2008. A day I will always remember because it is so rare to meet someone so creative and talented, organized and fun to work with.

My first experience was asking Zack to sing at a Fundraising event after hearing his beautiful voice in NY.
In addition he offered to donate his time theming the event. 
His  'I Love NY’ concept included wrapping a Baby Grand piano with metro cards, a winding metro card runway into the event, a dramatic chandelier of red chocolate edible hearts hanging over the piano, on every table, a beautiful candlelit evening, and creating a pop art piece of the honoring the Founder of the Art center.

Our next event was a musical concert honoring Broadway"s Jewish Composers and Lyricists, the invite, and program, all designed by Zack (and another sold out event)

I have worked with Zack on other events, watching him weave roses through chandeliers, create chocolate displays on palm tree fronds and striking florals from back yard cuttings, setting the evening with candles and low lighting. 

I have watched Zack photo shoot, always capturing the surrounding beauty and his clients essence by making every experience focused and fun.

Zack has helped me personally with fashion, going through my closet, helping coordinate what I own and adding basics, and eliminating.

Zack Dobbins has become a dear friend and mentor.  I've watched him create beauty wherever his path takes him…whether it be music, fashion, art, photography or nature. His appreciation of life, excitement and creative energy is always felt.

Need I say More. Gift yourself!

SARAH OWEN, Philanthropist executive

Zack Dobbins has brought peaceful simplicity to my life through his giftedness as a stylist.
After a series of sessions in my closet I now have an understanding of what works for me and my life and a plan for building a wardrobe. He has moved from the closet to the rest of my home guiding me on a journey of having a home that is comfortable, functional and beautiful. 
If you are looking for a guide on the journey to loving what you wear and what you surround yourself with in your home, you have found it with Zack Dobbins. 

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